Using a USB Drive to play movies on a PS3


Coming soon, using a Linux DLNA server to host your DIVX and H.264 movies.

Normally I store all my movies on my DLNA server but there are instances that I need to put them on a USB 2.0 thumb drive so I can carry them and play them on my laptops. Some video podcast are extremely handy so I use this method as a secondary transport.

What you need is a USB 2.0 thumb drive. All my memory needs are in SD CARDS so I purchased from IOGEAR a USB 2.0 SD CARD Reader. I use SD Cards they are quite handy for my video camera, my other PC’s and especially my small hackintosh.

Here is a link from Amazon


The USB Drive should be formatted in FAT32 and have a directory on the root called “VIDEO” (note all caps). If you want to put pictures you can create a directory called “PHOTO” and for your mp3 files a directory “MUSIC”. You need to copy your DIVX files into directory VIDEO and other media in their corresponding directories.

Once you got that done it is simple matter to plug in the device on to the USB slot of PS3. You can then browse and play your movies.


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