Got an iPhone? You have a cheaper substitute for the Apple TV

The Apple TV – the low end model cost about 229 US. Let’s say you already have an iPhone or an iPod Touch and you download movies and music from iTunes. Maybe you use Handbrake to convert all your DVD’s so you can watch them on your iPhone (That’s a later subject).



Instead of using an Apple TV you can purchase from Apple a AV component cable for 49 Dollars and



maybe another 49 Dollars for an optional Universal Dock. that’s about 129 dollars less than an Apple TV. Most of my digital media is bounded to my iPhone and are referenced by my iTunes Library. In case I like to watch my video podcast’s this integration helps me managed them. Of course the Apple TV has an HDMI attachment which allows for true HiDef entertainment. This solution would be deemed lesser if you need to be icky with quality. I will be posting later on my PS3 as a media center and how I integrated everything in my home network.

Digress a bit Google is up to something 😉 with caching documents locally this could be a big thing for iPhone users who wants to edit their documents with their iPhone on a plane =)).




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