The iPhone – I swayed to the Dark Side

Here’s a snippet from my old blog a couple of months back:

My HTC phone decided to join his brothers in Cell phone heaven – the bottom of my gadget pile. It died before the Sony Xperia came out. What a supreme bummer that was!!! I was looking to be another middle age Asian version of Daniel Craig flashing his Sony phone against the Bad Guys. Note, I do this stuff not to get a Bond Girl but rather play around with a Gadget. So, back to the dead HTC – On that day I went to my AT&T store and check out a possible replacement. It was a between the new HTC phone (the tilt) or an iPhone. The Tilt look a little bit cheap side by side with the iPhone

I saw the iPhone – was pleasantly enamored and I bought it – the 16 GB (first generation). The cool metallic iPhone was actually beckoning me from the darn box, saying “I want you!!! Buy me!!!”. How can you argue with something that looks cool?

Now fast forward to today.

Google announces a new service called Google Synch. Meaning all your contacts and your calendar are hosted in the cloud. In geek speak Google is offering an Exchange Server for free.

I am currently using this feature and am really impressed.

For details on how to activate this on your phone please refer to the following link

And later, for something completely different – What’s small made by Dell and runs Mac OS X (leopard)?




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