Now for something completely different- a Dell Mini 9 running OS X

I needed to have an OS X laptop that I will use for iPhone development. I needed one that is super portable meeting the following criteria:

  • Extremely light weight so that I can carry it and my window’s vista laptop.
  • Also it had to be rugged enough that I can put it in my backpack and or Gym bag. You can’t subject a work of art like the MacBook Air to this – it is in humane
  • I don’t want it to have a fan, less noise meaning an SDD hard disk and a usable SD Card slot so I can load pictures from my camera, or movies I “Handbrake’d” from my DVD and movie collection.
  • I can dock it to my KVM switch system.

The Macbook Air is a good choice but I needed something in a smaller form factor and cheaper. I don’t mind the small screen or keyboard but it would be nice if the keyboard is usable. In the event I am at home I can dock this to a special KVM system I have and then use a regular keyboard and mouse. A Mac in a net book form factor and price would solve my problems.

I was in a quandary on this situation until I spotted some blog’s on how to load OS X on a Dell Mini 9.

So, having my doubts as to whether all this would work I begrudge purchased from Dell a mini 9 with 2 GB of ram and 64 GB SSD drive. I could have gone cheaper by getting a lower end system and ordering part’s from other vendor’s but decided to purchase all this in one shot from Dell. In the event this experiment does not work I can return everything in one package. Note, the Dell Mini 9 came with ubuntu (linux).

Also, I bought the Leopard OS along with iWork and iLife – the 3 in one package from apple is a good buy.

For this project you need an external USB DVD drive.

I installed it using this link as a reference point

Also be sure to have a USB boot disk just in case.

The following item work: Bluetooth (even A2DP), external monitor support, web cam, wireless, SD Card reader on SDHC media. Sleep mode is still an issue.

You got to check this link there is a video of the entire install process.

Having a grand time with this new gadget and enjoying learning about objective-c. Yep, got extra cool geek creds for doing this.

Will do a You Tube moment with this one ūüėČ


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