my wrt54g router updated with the tomato firmware


I purchased this baby roughly 4 years ago, have not updated it’s firmware until recently. Was considering purchasing a new wireless router but after looking at what I need. I just decided on updating it’s firmware to something with more features. Initially updated it to dd-wrt (here’s the link ) to boost the signal. Then I needed a couple of things which unfortunately dd-wrt could not provide. Maybe they could, it was a bit complicated to divine “what I need” from their documentation. So I turned to this gem, the tomato firmware ( which solved the following:

  • Ability to monitor downloads and uploads – the graphs are nice.
  • Send my router’s IP to a free registered domain on a Free DNS service. This was extremely useful since there are times I need to get some stuff on my Linux server at home. Before this, I had to remember my router’s physical IP. Unfortunately, that IP provided by my ISP always changes. This feature of updating a Free DNS service is built in the Tomato firmware.
  • And of course boost your wireless signal strength.

CURRENT STATUS router is still working fine.

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